A responsible person can reduce his risks through insurance. There are compulsory items, e.g. motor vehicles, social security, and there are optional items, such as CASCO, travel insurance, home insurance, etc. These insurances do not protect us from trouble, but they reduce the weight of the consequences.

Different screening tests are of utmost importance in order to recognize the disease at an early stage. This way they offer a chance to reduce later consequences. However, screening tests only give us an idea of whether a particular disease is present in our body or not. They do not focus on how our health is and how we can develop it.

Family formation, pregnancy, expecting a baby would be optimal not only without diseases, but if these could happen under the best possible health conditions. The life of the unborn child is affected by how the mother’s health is during pregnancy. But are there measureable parameters of health? And does that mean that it would worth a kind of insurance like our car or a trip?


Innovative solution for an increased safety

Innovation is constant in all parts of our lives, however, in most cases it doesn’t mean the appearance of brand new things, but new combinations of already existing technologies.

Did you also get accustomed to the navigation on your smartphone predicting traffic jams? How weather forecasts are more and more accurate? How some music apps can guess almost exactly right your taste in music?

Cloud technology serving your comfort

All of these solutions are based on cloud technologies: existing, incoming data are observed on remote servers that help you figure out the way in a heavy traffic, or decide whether to take an umbrella with you or not. Many people today couldn’t even imagine travelling with a paper map…

Throughout the development of medicine we have come to a point where cloud technology provides a new, innovative solution which we can use in remote diagnostics.

Remote diagnostics is a huge step

Remote diagnostics itself is a milestone. Such a change as when the so-called telemetry systems were introduced in Formula One, with which they could observe certain parameters of the car even from the box street (e.g. engine overheating), and they could intervene in time in case of a problem. Earlier mechanics only realized that there was a problem when the racecar was already smoking… Telemetry has allowed many bugs to be prevented since the nineties.


PregnaScan is such a remote diagnostic service that allows you to perform the 2-minute-long measurements at home, even more than once a day. Additionally, with the benefits of cloud technology, we get a combination that gives a very accurate picture of maternal health due to how detailed it is.

By processing the data the measured values can display such health trends that couldn’t have been observed before.



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