Dear Colleague!

How idyllic it is when a marvelous, healthy little baby is born after the pregnancy in term, by natural birth. We all want this to happen in as many families’ lives as possible.

The last five to six decades of obstetrics and co-ops has brought tremendous advances (screening, ultrasound, CTG, flowmetry, prenatal genetics, etc.) and improved obstetric and perinatal indicators, but the incidence of pathologies of pregnancy, the number of premature babies and the frequency of caesarean section still don’t decrease significantly enough.

Our mission is to help medical professionals working in pregnant care to make it possible for healthier moms to give birth to healthier babies.

We are pleased to introduce our PregnaScan home-based pregnancy monitor system, a “virtual lab” service: it makes it possible for the doctors to remotely monitor numerous physiological parameters of pregnant moms, and track certain trends in these parameters.

The more risk factors, the more pathological pregnancies

Increasing risk factors (maternal age, obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension, other more common chronic conditions, IVF, etc.) cause more and more women to face with certain pathologies of pregnancy. Fortunately, with the help of detection in time, the emergence of the critical stages of these illnesses can be avoided by a preterminal caesarean section. However, the early caesarean section is not an optimal solution to the problem, only the currently known “least bad” along with all its possible complications.

Thanks to the Internet’s freedom of information, patients can easily find out about the processes that threaten their pregnancy – and uncontrollable information can easily result in anxiety. In addition to the reassuring words of the doctor, with the appearance of PregnaScan a system can be placed in the hands of the obstetricians, with which maternity can be under professional supervision. In case of a risk of any level.

Trends can point out the risk

Based on the literature data, when certain physiological parameters are followed closely we can notice trends that may call the pregnancy care attendant to intervene before the symptoms appear. The significance of lifestyle change is often underestimated, but if it is objectively measurable then both the patient and the doctor may be more motivated to use this approach. Of course, if necessary, pharmacological solutions will also apply – if we know that they are needed.

Comfortable measurement, increased safety, calm doctor and mom

PregaScan measurement is non-invasive, fast, comfortable, and it gives an opportunity for moms to measure themselves even more than once a day, in multiple situations. By transferring measurement data to doctors, it provides adequate control over the health of pregnant women with high risk, and moms will sleep well, since they know that they are looked after even between consulting hours.

The medical evaluation surface of PregnaScan

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Our heart constantly adapts and responds to all internal and external physical and psychological effects. The parameters of cardiac function and regulation can be accurately described and recognized by mathematical algorithms. Functional parameters and changes of the heart not only correlate well with healthy and sick states but also transitions between the two can be monitored well.

Reading and understanding of the parameters described by physiological sciences and validated in the residency have not belonged to the daily routine of medical care so far, but with a brief re-imaging it can provide a concept really quickly, and it can become an indispensable element of our daily medical decisions - in addition to the current pregnant care protocol. What happens to patients in two trials, particularly how they respond to therapies becomes more visible and understandable.

So, we have reached a new quality level in pregnant care:

If you would like to

  • provide your patients with an outstanding attendance
  • optimize pregnant care based on more information
  • give the opportunity of comfort for moms offered by the 21st century

then PregnaScan is your partner in pregnancy care.