• Are you dreaming about having a baby someday?
  • Do you want this period to be as safe and calm as possible?
  • Would you like to do as much as you can for your baby already, even before giving birth?
  • Are you a conscious, and ready-to-act mom?

In this case PregnaScan is exactly for you!

PregnaScan is an innovative, home health monitor developed for health-conscious mothers-to-be, which is unique in Hungary, and all over the world.


What is PregnaScan?

PregnaScan is a telemedicine system that allows home measurements. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the 21st century it provides moms with a high level of security in the comfort of their own home.

PregnaScan is a Hungarian invention – it is a novelty all over the world!


Who is PregnaScan recommended to?

Pregnant moms prior to their 30th week of their pregnancy, and

  • who are expecting their first baby, therefore everything is new for them during this period, perhaps they are afraid of the unknown, and they would like to have a higher level of security during these 9 months


  • who have a higher risk of some kind of pregnancy-related illness – with which they are reluctant to settle, and want to follow the state of their health precisely


  • who have had some kind of discrepancy during an earlier pregnancy (on maternal side!), and in these 9 months they would like to observe the changes of their bodies more closely.

PregnaScan is developed to measure the following parameters:

  • Pulse rate
  • SpO2
  • Pulse wave analysis
  • Heart frequency variability analysis
  • Blood pressure diary
  • Weight diary
  • Event diary

All of this is available from the comfort of your home – and you doctor can see your results right after the measurement.

The system involves:

  • a smart pulse oximeter (a special measuring device that communicates with your phone via Bluetooth)
  • smartphone and the Pregnascan app (Android or iOS)
  • cloud, in which the data processing happens
  • evaluation site

What do I gain if I use PregnaScan regularly throughout my pregnancy?

  • Information – since you and your doctor can access parameters about your health that they haven’t seen before
  • Time – since by regular measurements pathological processes can be seen in time – giving time to more efficient prevention
  • Life – since whoever gains time, gains life (especially in the case of the detection of a serious illness).

How can I get PregnaScan?