• Are you dreaming about having a baby someday?
  • Do you want this period to be as safe and calm as possible?
  • Would you like to do as much as you can for your baby already, even before giving birth?
  • Are you a conscious, and ready-to-act mom?

In this case PregnaScan is exactly for you!

PregnaScan is an innovative, home health monitor developed for health-conscious mothers-to-be, which is unique in Hungary, and all over the world.


What is PregenaScan?

PregnaScan is a telemedicine system that allows home measurements. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the 21st century it provides moms with a high level of security in the comfort of their own home.

PregnaScan is a Hungarian invention – it is a novelty all over the world!


Who is PregnaScan recommended to?

Pregnant moms prior to their 30th week of their pregnancy, and

  • who are expecting their first baby, therefore everything is new for them during this period, perhaps they are afraid of the unknown, and they would like to have a higher level of security during these 9 months


  • who have a higher risk of some kind of pregnancy-related illness – with which they are reluctant to settle, and want to follow the state of their health precisely


  • who have had some kind of discrepancy during an earlier pregnancy (on maternal side!), and in these 9 months they would like to observe the changes of their bodies more closely.

PregnaScan is developed to measure the following parameters:

  • Pulse rate
  • SpO2
  • Pulse wave analysis
  • Heart frequency variability analysis
  • Blood pressure diary
  • Weight diary
  • Event diary

All of this is available from the comfort of your home – and you doctor can see your results right after the measurement.

The system involves:

  • a smart pulse oximeter (a special measuring device that communicates with your phone via Bluetooth)
  • smartphone and the Pregnascan app (Android or iOS)
  • cloud, in which the data processing happens
  • evaluation site

What do I gain if I use PrgenaScan regularly throughout my pregnancy?

  • Information – since you and your doctor can access parameters about your health that they haven’t seen before
  • Time – since by regular measurements pathological processes can be seen in time – giving time to more efficient prevention
  • Life – since whoever gains time, gains life (especially in the case of the detection of a serious illness).

How can I get PregnaScan?

  • PregnaScan is available in Hungary for pregnant moms – at first for the 100 fastest applicants.
  • Please find the registration link at the top of the website to get access to PregnaScan at a fixed price.
  • Those who want to get notified of all new information are advised to subscribe to PregnaScan Magazine.


Content and costs of the PregnaScan service

  • PregnaScan is a digital lab service that allows an authorized physician to follow a trend (~change) of parameters that cannot be seen from routine studies today and whose certain differences are clearly associated with certain post-traumatic pathologies in medical literature.
    The service includes:
    • The special measuring device for measuring – the PregnaScan pulse oximeter – in the value of 20000 HUF
      What is a pulse oximeter and how does it work? Read on the Frequently Asked Questions tab.
    • 30 minutes personal customer support and help with the first measurement in Budapest – worth 5000 HUF
    • PregnaScan app (iOS and Android) written for smartphone to perform and evaluate the measurements – it’s invaluable :)
    • The possibility to do measurements on a daily basis using PregnaScan during your pregnancy – as if you had a labor examination every day – in the value of 1000 HUF / day (so, for 6 months it’s worth 180000 HUF)
    • Demo measurements – so that if someone in the family would like to try it, you don’t have to say no – in the value of 1000 HUF / measurement – worth 10000 HUF in case of 10 measurements
    • Private Facebook group – where you can discuss your questions, comments with other PregnaScan moms and experts, and get motivating messages – expert availability would cost 500 HUF / day – worth 90000 HUF for 6 months

All in all: for 6 months in the value of 305000 HUF, now only for 99000 HUF!


Other costs

Medical surveillance

The PregnaScan medical supervision fee consists of two items; a consultation fee and a monthly fee.

  • Personal consultation with Dr. Sándor Kulin (Address: 1036 Budapest, Bécsi str. 85.) costs 15000 HUF per occasion. During an average pregnancy, you may need 2-3 occasions beyond the first personal consultation. Occasionally, telephone consultation of the results may be sufficient. It costs 5000 HUF. In case everything is fine, the number of consultations may be less, while in case of significant changes in the values a closer observation and more frequent consultations may be needed.
  • The telemonitor’s monthly fee includes a 7-10 day review of the measurements (if necessary daily) or sending a summary of the evaluation of the same frequency to your given e-mail address. In the frames of an introductory sale, the monthly fee for the first 100 applicants is 0 HUF. In the future, the monthly fee will be 8000 HUF per month.

Example calculations for all costs: