What do I gain if I use PregnaScan during my pregnancy?

What does one gain, if they aren’t driving a car blindfolded? Or what does one gain, if they are provided with the information about the daily changes of their own health? Higher level of safety? Better decisions, made in time?

The idea of measuring many of these parameters listed above might sound as a novelty. A novelty, since until today we didn’t have the right device to collect this amount of data. And without data, how can we expect to fine tune our health? How can we expect to detect processes that do not have any symptoms at the start? Regular measurements can be used to obtain data. By these data we gain time, since illnesses can be detected earlier. And time can save life.

So, PregnaScan is a “digital lab”, and as such, it’s most important task is to provide and record data during a time period when for sure no one would like to drive a car blindfolded: during pregnancy.

What exactly does PregnaScan measure?

The system has been developed to measure and record the following parameters:

  • Pulse rate
    • Informs you of the number of heartbeats per minute. If the value is too high or too low it can mean some kind of illness.
  • SpO2
    • Informs you of the oxygen saturation in your blood vessels. The more oxygen is in your blood, the better your cells function.
  • Pulse wave analysis
    • Informs you of the state of your cardiovascular system.
  • Heart frequency variability analysis
    • Informs you of the state of the vegetative nervous system automatically regulating your internal processes
  • Blood pressure diary
    • Many women don’t measure their blood pressure regularly during their pregnancy, even though it may be a very sensitive disease marker. Or in case if you have been measuring it, you no longer need to write down the values your blood pressure on paper – your phone is always with you!
  • Weight diary
    • Excessive and inadequate weight gain can also lead to problems during pregnancy. Keep track of how much the scale shows!
  • Event diary
    • You can record any complaints, oddities, or even pleasure (e.g. “The baby first moved today!”) – so you’ll be able to look back at the changes of the 9 months later – and your results will be more easily interpreted as well.

Who will evaluate my data?

PregnaScan is a “digital lab” service, so it works on the principle of any private lab. There you are “buying” a service of them providing data about you (haemogram, ions, liver enzymes, etc.). However, for the evaluation of the results, you must consult with a competent physician.

PregnaScan works like this. You will need a doctor who can analyze what your daily measurement results mean.

Soon the medical evaluation team will be expanded, after the joining physicians have completed the appropriate training. From the beginning of next year you will also have the opportunity to send an invitation to your own medical practitioner to get acquainted with the PregnaScan methods and thus become a co-operating partner, "PregnaScan Medical".

Therefore, the measurements will be reviewed by the appointed physician according to the agreement, sums them up in the adequate frequency and sends you a report about them.

This method can assure you that the evaluating doctor didn’t find any discrepancies in the examined data, or he can notify you that you might need to take on further actions in order to keep the health of the pregnancy.


What happens after my pregnancy is over?

After your pregnancy is over you can keep the pulse oximeter that you have been using for your measurements, and you grew to love. You can keep measuring your pulse and oxygen saturation at any time. You can still view your data for 3 years.