The main mission of our team is to create and go forward every day in order to help as many moms as possible to keep their health. As we know, the healthier the mom is, the healthier the fetus growing in her womb is.

To mention a medical metaphor, families are like the cells of a society. A community creating an organic whole that cooperates with the other cells in order to create an environment in which it’s good to live. If cells can function well, then the system can maintain a balanced, healthy life.


What are we doing, and how?

Life has turned us into such a team that can think together, and fight together in order to complete our mission. In the past few years our mutual aim has brought us together so much, that these formerly unfamiliar people today (with a little exaggeration) can access each other’s e-mail addresses.

We have been working on making this dream happen since 2015, of which this website is an actual evidence.

We research and develop constantly, building up PregnaScan, so that besides content we can provide the best possible user experience for anyone who would like to contact us.

We have developed a product that in our opinion is in short supply in the whole world, and that could mean a new dimension in pregnancy care.

At first we offer this service for Hungarian moms, but later we would like to support pregnant women internationally as well.


Our team consists of physicians, researchers, engineers and other professionals.

We present you the ever-growing list:

Dr. Sándor Kulin

Obstetrician-gynecologist specialis
Professional and strategic head

I’m an obstetrician-gynecologist specialist. I’m in that period of my life when I’m rooting for the health of my future grandchildren, and I’m thinking about how I could give an even better chance for the health of my daughters, daughters-in-law and their future children. My main professional profile is infertility treatment. Me and my wife, Dr Réka Menyhárt got in touch with many young couples from every part of Hungary in the past few years, trying to help them get children. Those who have been seeing us were able to experience that we have always tried to give a little bit more than the protocols.

That’s how PregnaScan system was born: tracking of the changes of health and physiological parameters is not included in the minimum requirements of obstetricians, however, there is no such thing as maximum requirements, and neither safety, nor health has an absolute value. It is my principal as a physician that we always have to try to offer a better health and increased level of safety.

Balázs Szabó

Engineer and strategic associate

Dr Dániel Kulin

Research leader, doctor

In 2016 I graduated from Semmelweis University as a general practitioner. For a long time I felt that obstetrics would be my career. I got an insight on this world when me and my wife had been doing a scientific work in Clinic nr. 2 of Obstetrics and Gynecology as university students. We investigated whether we can detect a pattern in pregnant women’s physiological parameters based on which we could distinguish healthy moms from those who later develop some kind of illness. Our encouraging results and the joy of working together with these moms have motivated us to start the journey of developing PregnaScan. Meanwhile I had the chance to experience the excitements of the first year of GP residency course, and then I began to research the current and future impacts of digital innovative opportunities on healthcare at the Institute of Behavioral Sciences. Due to the growing and more complex tasks nowadays, I only focus on the development and partial management of PregnaScan. I really love this life, there are many new challenges and opportunities for learning something new every day. We develop, and we create something new out of nothing each day. I have never experienced something like this before.

Soon my second daughter is born as well. I’m in that age when our friends and people around us are having children too. Unfortunately, there aren’t only pregnancies with happy endings, not even among our close friends. We are constantly working on helping pregnant women to keep their health, because this is our greatest goal: that from healthiest possible moms healthiest possible babies can be born.

Marcel Visschers

Maecenas and good friend

Dina Wafa

Scientific associate

I am Dina Wafa, a medical doctor and PhD student at Semmelweis University. Ever since my childhood, I knew that my way was not the path of others, but the unknown, where I could create something new and really useful. That is why I joined the university student academy in 2014 and started my research at the Clinical Experimental Research Institute, where I gained a thorough and extensive knowledge from the best supervisor in the field of research. Another important turning point in my life was when I was able to try development through computer programming and experience the work of creation.

I think that we are representing this in the team of PregnaScan, we are researching and developing to create something that can make thousands of moms’ pregnancies safer, and therefore their children healthier.